13,000 lb. winch

This is the absolute best value for the money. Rated at 13,000 lb. line pull, this tough winch will handle the heaviest loads, easily capable of pulling a vehicle with an 8700 GVRW.



30" Exhaust Jack

Our best product for snow, sand, or mud extraction. The jack's hose fits over the exhaust to inflate the jack and lifts the vehicle out of the softest hazard. The large diameter of the jack makes lifting the vehicle gentle and effective.



Snow Ladder

Getting stuck in mud or snow is quite common, which is why every car, truck, and 4x4 should have the Larson Snow Ladder stored in the trunk. When combined with the exhaust jack, it is quick work to elevate the wheels of the car, put the snow ladder under the tires, and drive right out of the worst hazards.